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Vocabulary and phrases for discussing cinema :

Did you like the movie ?

What did you think about that film ?

I thought it was....

very moving.


really funny.

too long !

well-written and with beautiful cinematography.

too depressing.

Genres (What type of film was it ?) :

It was....

An action movie

A comedy

A romantic comedy

A documentary

A drama

A satire

A western

A telefilm

A science fiction film

A fantasy

A thriller

A dectective story

A film noir

A melodrama

A romance

Other film words/

A close up : gros plan

Star : vedette

Movie Theater : Le cinéma
(In American movie theaters people eat lots of popcorn and candy !)

Activity :

Watch a movie trailer on one of the following sites (you can watch it several times if you would like), then answer the following questions using your new vocabulary.

Remember to choose a movie in ENGLISH

Sites :

Questions :

What was the title of the film ?
Who was the star of the film ? Have you seen him or her in films before ?

What type of movie did it look like ?

Did the trailer make the movie look appealing ? Do you want to see it now ?

Can you try to describe the trailer in your own words ?

Look at these useful links to explore the world of cinema :

The Internet Movie Database This site is very useful for finding information about any movie you can think of. It also lets you search by star, writer, director or even keyword. Try looking up your favorite movie star or director.

Strictly Film School This site is good for advanced students : it discusses films in detail, including film history and information about directors.

Greencine Daily is a blog that is updated daily with news about movies, with a special focus on DVD releases. Another site with good independent film news (and gossip) is Indie Wire. See if you can look at the two sites and figure out what films are in production and which ones are playing in theaters now ?

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