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>>Visiting the USA !

The United States is a very big country- do not attempt to see it all !

The best thing to do is select one or two regions to focus on, then explore the town, cities, and parks in that area.

The main regions of the United States can be divided as :

New England : visit Boston to learn about American History, watch the "fall colors" on the leaves in October, or eat fresh lobster off the coast of Maine.

JPEG - 35.1 ko

photos by Paul of Vermont, flickr/

East Coast :
New York, New York, New York ! Perfect for Broadway theater, central park, wonderful museums and non-stop life ; Don’t forget Washington D.C. and Philidelphia too !

JPEG - 15.6 ko
statue of liberty

My favoirte museum : The Moma !

The South : a large area from Texas to Florida, including the cities of New Orleans, Nashville and Atlanta. The south is proud of its welcoming hospitality, traditional folk, blues, jazz and country music, warm weather, and barbequed food !

The Mid-West : From Minnesota to Pennsylvania, down to Missouri and Indiana too. The mid-west is a great mix of exciting cities like Chicago, the beautiful 5 Great Lakes and many small friendly towns throughout.

JPEG - 35.3 ko
lake superior

photo by kables

The West : From the great plains past the Rocky Mountains, here you will find the endless spaces America is so well known for. Great winter skiing, plus many national parks such as Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Arches, and Yosemite.

JPEG - 144.2 ko

Photo by Jenniphur99/flickr

The Northwest and Alaska : A region of wilderness and natural beauty. The major cities are Seattle, Portland, and tiny Anchorage. A great place to visit if you want a vacation with lots of hiking, mountains and ocean.

California : So big it gets its own region. California is often divided into three regions : North, South, and Central. Northern California is wild and full of natural beauty, with San Francisco as its liberal cultural capitol ; Southern California is home to the exciting sprawling city of Los Angeles, with the nation’s movie business and miles of warm beaches and year-round sunshine ; Central California is the nation’s "vegtable garden"- a massive agricultural region that produces much of the country’s fresh produce.

And don’t forget the 50th state : Hawaii !

One of the wonderful things to do in the US is go visit our National Parks. Explore the link and plan a trip.

Which Park would you visit ?

What activities would you do ?

Do you like camping ? Can you try describing camping trip to a friend ?

How to travel in the U.S.

The best way to travel in the US is by car, bus or airplane. Our train system is not very good, except between major East Coast cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

There are several inexpensive airlines such as Southwest, JetBlue, and Independence Air. Within major cities such as New York, DC, or Boston, leave the car and try using public transportation.

Or, feeling adventurous ? The Green Tortoise Bus company offers cross country tours for people wanting to see the country "backpacker style".

Research Project !

The National Atlas will give you in-depth information about the U.S. from a demographic perspective.

Can you learn what types of agriculture are in which regions ?

Try and figure out the political opinions in different areas, do you see any patterns ?

Do a report on the state of your choice, use the atlas to find out as much information as possible.

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