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>>How to become the American president

Qualifications to become president :

1. Be born in the United States

2. Be at least 35 years old

3. Live in the US at least 14 years

Okay, now that you’ve met the qualifications, how do you get elected ? Good question !

1st step : Recieve your party’s nomination by winning state "primaries" or "caucuses"

JPEG - 96.2 ko
Photo by Flickr/zen

2nd step : Raise lots of money and make some well-connected friends

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Flickr photo

3rd step : On election day, recieve the most ELECTORAL COLLEGE votes. Every state has a number of electoral college votes based on the population at the last census plus the number of senators ; a big state like California has around 43 electoral votes, a state like Montana only has 3 or 4. In each state, whichever candidate recieve the majority in that state gets ALL the electoral college votes. So if you win the majority in California you get 43 points and if you win the majority in Montana you only get 4 points. There are 538 electoral votes, and you need 270 of them to become president.

JPEG - 19.4 ko
Photo by Flickr/DennisSylvesterHurd

For a very good explanation of the presidency, read Wikipedia’s page on the office.

4th step : Take office after inaugaration day in January ; stay in office if possible the maximum 2 terms. Your wife is given the title the first lady, your house is the white house, your vacation home is Camp David and your personal plane is the Air Force One.

JPEG - 63.7 ko
Photo by Flickr/xplosive

A great infographic :

How To Become President by dehahs on deviantART

Explore these links :

"How to Become US President"

Results of 2004 Electoral Vote

Detailed Answers to your questions about the electoral college are here !

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