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Major Newspapers

The New York Times : The "Grey Lady," as this newpaper is known (because it is traditionally printed on grey newsprint) is the American newspaper of record. Particularly important is its editorial and op-ed ["opposite the editorial"] pages, where the editors of the paper are joined by prominent politicians, writers, philosophers, professors, and other professionals to weigh in on matters of pressing concern.

The Washington Post : Owned by the same parent company as The New York Times, The Washington Post places more of an emphasis on domestic politics, but can always be counted on for its sound repoting and well-written op-eds.

Los Angeles Times : Where the West Coast gets their news.

Chicago Tribune

Boston Globe

San Francisco Chronicle

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

USA Today : Easy to read and good for a quick news fix, this newspaper doesn’t focus on any parcitular region of the States but instead prides itself on being "America’s Newspaper." Found most frequently handed out for free in Marriott Hotels across the country.

Major Weeklies



U.S. News and World Report

The Village Voice : Extremely irreverant and no-nonsense, and names for Greenwich Village in New York City, the Voice is a free weekly newspaper that covers music, theatre, dance, museums and galleries, the club scene, and counterculture in general, while offering a critical, almost predominantly leftist, look at national and local issues.

The Nation

The Atlantic Monthly

The New Yorker : excerpts of longer articles, minus the cartoons that make this magazine so great. Not to be missed ; The Talk of the Town, brief articles on idiosyncratic New York happenings.

Harper’s Magazine

The New York Observer : witty guide to the New York social scene, with frequent reference to local politicians and celebrities, and satires of local socialites.

Wire Services

Associated Press (AP)


Monthly Magazines

Mother Jones : Critical, leftwing investigative journalism

Rolling Stone : This magazine, dedicated to music, has gotten a bit mainstream in its old age, but when it was founded it wes the Bible of the American music scene.

Artforum : Well-written and challenging, covering the American art scene

Granta : Respected literary journal featuring short stories, essays, and poetry

New York Review of Books : Serious and lengthy essays on culture and current events

Ms. Magazine : Founded in 1971 by, among others, Gloria Steinem, Ms. was the first national magazine to make a feminist worldview available to the public

The New Republic






Arts and Letters Daily

The Drudge Report : Up-to-the-minute roundup of everything important going on in the world, maintained by right-leaning reporter Matt Drudge. Sometimes features hard-hitting, fast-breaking news ; at other times nothing more than a tabloid, but always worth a read.

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