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>>Thanksgiving at home and school

24 novembre 2005

All school children are taught that Thanksgiving is a celebration of the first shared meal between the Pilgrims, the first European settlers in America, and the Native Americans.

The pilgrims had a plentiful harvest that they shared with the Native Americans, but the Native Americans also brought their traditional food with them. Thanksgiving is a day where Americans come together and "give thanks" for everything they have ; they eat a very traditional meal together with their family ; and often spend the weekend watching football and starting their chritmas shopping.

It is always the final THURSDAY of November. Most people take a 4 day weekend.

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Read more about it on Wikipedia.

Classroom activities :

Many children make papaer TURKEYS or PILGRIM HATS

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Ideas for teaching Thanksgiving in the classroom are available here

Look at the timeline !

Read the stoy of the first Thanksgiving.

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