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>>Celebrations in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

28 février 2006

Below are a list of celebrations which take place every year in Britain.

Click on the recordings to listen to the definitions of these events. Match the definitions to the names of the celebrations listed below.
Afterwards, click on the answer sheet to see if you got them all right !

Descriptions 1 - 5 :

MP3 - 1.4 Mo

Descriptions 6 - 8 :

MP3 - 931 ko

Celebrations in Britain :

Saint Patrick’s day,
Red Nose Day,
Remembrence Day,
Poppy Day,
Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night).

You can also click on the transcription to read the list of definitions.
This transcription also contains links to websites containing information on each celebration. These websites give more information on how the event is celebrated and its origins.
Transcription :

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